Mobile Systems

Members in RTCL mobile privacy research group, led by Prof. Kang G. Shin, are engaged in a series of interesting topics regarding emerging privacy issues on the mobile platforms. With hundreds of millions of deployed mobile handsets powered by the ever-evolving mobile apps market, personal information is more likely to be shared, either intentionally or unconsciously. The richness of personal information, while bringing personalized services to the end-users, also raises serious privacy concerns. The major focus of the mobile privacy research group is to investigate and understand these emerging issues and achieve a balance between benefits and risks, if possible, with the support of either technologies or policies.

Current Projects

Mobile Privacy
Indoor Location Sensing
Sense Vehicle Steering with Smartphones
Mobile Gesture Control
  • TODO: Mobile Gesture Identification – by Arun

Previous Projects

Some Old Project
  • Old Project Title


Current Graduate Students
  • Huan Feng
  • Arun Ganesan
  • Dongyao Chen
  • Yu-Chih Tung
  • Kassem Fawaz