Spatial Spectrum Reuse with Multiple Input Multiple Output Systems


Project Description

We have recently been witnessing a rapidly-increasing demand for the bandwidth resource due to the rapidly-growing wireless services and applications. Therefore, it is important to develop an efficient way of utilizing this limited resource. Fortunately, recent technological advances make it possible to realize SDRs (Software-Defined Radios) that can switch from one frequency band to another at minimum cost, thereby enabling dynamic multi-band access and sharing. On the other hand, recent advances in signal processing combined with those in antenna technology enabled MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) capabilities, thereby creating potential for enhancing the throughput of wireless networks.

SDRs and MIMO together form a complete means of enabling next-generation wireless networks with dynamic and adaptive bandwidth access along time, frequency, and space. In this project, we are developing techniques that exploit SDR and MIMO technologies to maximize the overall throughput of wireless networks through dynamic multi-band access via SDR and spatial reuse via MIMO. The end-results of this project serve as (1) a means of identifying the limits and potential of SDRs and MIMO, and (2) guidelines for designing multi-band-capable, multi-antenna-equipped, wireless networks.







B. Hamdaoui and K. Shin. Characterization and analysis of multi-hop wireless MIMO network throughput. The Eighth ACM International Symposium on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing (Mobihoc’07), September 2007.


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