Opportunistic Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks

Project Description

Radio links are usually lossy in wireless sensor networks. To deal with packet loss, previous data aggregation schemes either turn to retransmissions or redundancy, but neither can make good tradeoff between energy efficiency and result accuracy. Opportunistic data aggregation (OPAG) is an integrated data aggregation and routing scheme that provides energy-efficient and accurate data aggregation in wireless sensor networks. OPAG lets each node choose an aggregation node (AGN) within d hops, so that a unit of data produced by a node has more opportunities to make progress to its AGN. As a result OPAG can use broadcast to explore multiple paths simultaneously, and use long and high-loss links which would be avoided in previous aggregation scheme. OPAG increases the chance that a unit of data is delivered to its aggregation node, and thus improves energy efficiency.




  • Kang G. Shin


  • Zhigang Chen