MAC-layer Spectrum Sensing Algorithms and Mechanisms


Project Description

We have investigated the scheduling issues of spectrum sensing in the MAC layer in Cognitive Radio (CR) networks. To enhance the efficiency in spectrum reuse by secondary users (SUs), we have proposed an optimal sensing scheduling in terms of finding and adapting optimal sensing-periods of multiple licensed channels in that the overall discovery of spectrum opportunities (i.e., idle portions of channels) can be maximized. We are also interested in building a light-weight spectrum sensor with commercial WLAN devices to shorten the development period of a CR testbed.







  • Hyoil Kim and Kang G. Shin. Efficient Discovery of Spectrum Opportunities with MAC-Layer Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks, accepted for IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing subject to minor revision, 2007.
  • Hyoil Kim, Carlos Cordeiro, Kiran Challapali and Kang G. Shin, An Experimental Approach to Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks with Off-the-Shelf IEEE 802.11 Devices, 1st IEEE Workshop on Cognitive Radio Networks, in conjunction with 4th IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (IEEE CCNC), January, 2007. PDF PDF.