SMILE: Service Model for Integration of reaL-time Embedded systems

Project Description

The goal of this project is to develop concepts and technology to support configurable and reconfigurable system and middleware services for embedded real-time systems. We achieve these goals by modeling the system as a collection of abstract services. The service model describes the functional behavior of the service; it is augmented with a performance model that describes the run-time performance of the service. We define service protocols to capture the configurability of the service and how the service can be composed with other services to form the larger system.

We are exploring the implementation and utility of these concepts by building reconfigurable middleware services for networked embedded systems. Our primary testbed is a wireless sensor network composed of Crossbow Motes running the TinyOS operating system. Our focus is on data dissemination and energy-efficient message routing.




  • Kickoff Meeting presentation, June 2001 (PDF)
  • PI Meeting, PI status presentation, September 2001 (PPT), (PDF)
  • PI Meeting, PI status presentation, February 2002 (PPT), (PDF)
  • PI Meeting, PI status presentation, July 2002 (PDF)
  • PI Meeting, Demo presentation, July 2002 (PDF)
  • Project status update, November 2002 (PDF)
  • Performance Profiling of Reconfigurable Communication Services, November 2002 (PDF)
  • PI Meeting, PI status presentation, January 2003 (PDF)
  • PI Meeting, Demo presentation, January 2003 (PDF)



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Research Members

  • Kang Shin, Professor/Principal Investigator. Email:
  • Daniel L. Kiskis, Research Scientist. Email:
  • Zhigang Chen, Graduate Student. Email:
  • Min-gyu Cho, Graduate Student. Email:
  • Amit Jain, Graduate Student. Email:
  • Jai-jin Lim, Graduate Student. Email:
  • Shige Wang, Graduate Student. Email: