A Performance Comparison of Server Consolidation Techniques

The objective of this work is to quantitatively evaluate different consolidation techniques, and understand the differences between them.


Experimental Setup

We have setup four machines (two servers and two clients) that will be part of the testbed. Both the servers are installed with stock Fedora Core 4. The first server contains software related to openvz container technology. The second server has Xen installed.

Currently, both the servers are setup with two cotainers hosting e-mail and web servers. The next step is to run a few workloads and compare the performance.



  • Pradeep Padala
  • Kang G. Shin
  • Xiaoyun Zhu (HP Labs)
  • Zhikui Wang (HP Labs)
  • Sharad Singhal (HP Labs)



  • Pradeep Padala, Xiaoyun Zhu, Zhikui Wang, Sharad Singhal, Kang G. Shin. Performance Evaluation of Virtualization Technologies for Server Consolidation. HP labs technical report HPL-2007-59, Apr 2007. PDF