Co-design of Cyber-Physical Systems

Project description


Cyber-physical systems link digital devices with human, vehicles, or robotic devices. Co-design of CPS properties shows promise of making the holistic system more capable and efficient. Traditionally, co-design has involved decisions for optimal allocation of resources to manage the cyber and physical effectors. Due to the complexity of CPS this often involves an iterative cycle of independent subsystem design, integration, test, verify, and repeat until results are deemed satisfactory.
True co-design for CPS requires new models, and new abstractions that allow design methodologies to incorporate important properties, and design techniques from both cyber and physical parts of the system simultaneously. In this project, we are investigating continuous-time abstractions of the cyber system that can be formulated in traditional state-space control abstractions thereby leveraging the rich theory and design techniques of feedback control theory.
To complement this work, we have also investigated the use of multi-disciplinary optimization techniques wherein both cyber and physical metrics are coupled and optimal control techniques are leveraged to determine co-design parameters. These two directions of research in conjunction could provide a powerful co-design technique spanning low-level feedback control up to guidance and navigation of CPS.





  • Justin Mathew Bradley, Grad. Student. Email: justyn at
  • Shikang Xu, Grad. Student.
  • Nitin Prakash, Grad. Student.
  • Ye Xu, Grad. Student.


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